Thanks, but No Thanks

| November 18, 2002

Thanks, but No Thanks, Paul Harris, Yellow Times
Ask Canadians if they would like to have a dollar as strong as the U.S. dollar, or if they would enjoy the opportunities available in the U.S., and the vast majority would scream, 'yes.' But when Léger Marketing asked Canadians if they thought Canada should become part of the U.S. 77 percent said, 'no way,' while 38 percent of Americans were in favor of the idea. Some Canadians fear that the U.S. will one day take over Canada without warning. And though the idea is guffawed by those who say the U.S. has no interest in acquiring foreign lands anymore, Paul Harris writes in the Yellow Times points out that the United States government has a presence in 130 countries and holds significant political power in all of them. Harris goes on to note that, besides the U.S., no other country would be stupid enough to try to take over a country as vast as Canada.
--Nick Garafola
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