The Birdhouse Arts Collective

| May 15, 2002 Issue

The Birdhouse Arts Collective
Weirdness, hilarity, intelligence, and aesthetic diversion intermingle on this site, where one-of-a-kind genres and a wonderful bunch of oddities that defy categories push creativity to a new definition. From the hilarious "archive of misheard lyrics," which encourages the contribution of any verses you've managed to mangle in your misguided imagination, to the surreal film shorts, trippy digital art, Surrealist Poetry Generator, and thoughtful essays (including the "Signature of the Legendary Kibo, "the Internet's longest, dadaist .SIG file"), this wonderful cyber gallery/meeting place for artists of all stripes provides the perfect creative break, as well as a portal into a world of some pretty mind-expanding and avant-garde experimentalism.
Julie Madsen
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