The Flow of Intention

| September / October 2004

What the river taught me about influencing the future

I've just returned from six days of ecstatic river rafting with three of my kids on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. I was fed on every level and through every sense, from outrageously beautiful scenery and fabulous company to delicious food and physical challenge. We were tended by guides who generously and joyfully shared their passion for and knowledge of the river, along with a boggling panoply of skills.

Before the trip, I'd been immersed in thinking about the effects of intention -- that is, how what we think and do can shape the world. What if we knew that every thought, every breath and interaction, was radiating out and creating an effect? How would that knowledge transform our sense of place in the universe and responsibility to the future? How would it change our lives?