The Truth Buried Alive

| April 2003

Last week, we ran an excerpt from the recently-released U.S. edition of the book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, in which renowned investigative reporter Greg Palast detailed the shady—and extremely lucrative—connections between former president George H. W. (“Poppy”) Bush, a little-known Canadian gold mining company, and the political fortunes of Poppy’s son Dubya.

This week, we give you another excerpt, which tells the story of how Barrick Gold Mining sought to silence Palast and human rights advocates, who were trying to expose the murder of Tanzanian miners by a Barrick subsidiary.

Ingrid Rivers
2/28/2018 9:06:54 PM

When you have money, you get away with murder. The truth is worth nothing in this topsy-turvy world. It is a scary state of affairs, and the British libel law needs urgent revision. Making money without a conscience seems the new worldwide religion. I for one don't go along with that. Keep digging, Greg. Ingrid Rivers.