The Arab-American Vote

| March / April 2004

In 2000, Arab American leaders lined up behind George W. Bush, who seemed more sympathetic to the Palestinian cause than Gore. Their constituents listened, voting 45.5% for Bush (compared to 38% for Gore, and 13.5% for Ralph Nader, who is of Lebanese ancestry) and throwing substantial financial support to the Bush campaign. This time around, says James Zogby, pollster and president of the Arab American Institute, Bush should not count on their support. A recent Zogby poll showed only 33.5% planning to vote for Bush. Considering that there are an estimated 3 million Arab Americans nationwide, 270,000 in Florida alone, and the Islamic Society of North America plans to register 1 million new voters this year, this is one group of overlooked voters that could decide fate of the election.

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