The Black House

| October 12, 2000

The Black House

The Democrats are within a hair's breadth of winning back control of the House of Representatives from the Republicans on November 7. Only six seats shy of a majority in a year where few Republicans are running for reelection, many Congressional observers say the Democrats might just pull it off. And if they do, no less than 22 committee and sub-committee chairmanships will be taken over by African Americans.

'How cool is that?' gushes film-maker Michael Moore, in his weekly web column on 'That's right. If the Democrats get the House back, Rep. John Conyers of Detroit will become the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Rep. Charles Rangel of New York will be the chair of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. And Rep. Julian Dixon of California will head up the House Intelligence Committee. Three of the most important committees in Congress will be led by African Americans for the first time in our history.'

The reason these members of the Congressional Black Caucus are poised for leadership, says Moore, is that over the years they stuck to their progressive politics while many white Democrats tried to sound 'more Republican,' and lost to the real thing.

But be careful who you tell this secret to, Moore adds. 'If word gets out to all those conservative, reactionary, racist Americans of what is about to occur -- Fear of a Black Planet! -- then they will probably pour out of their sinkholes on election day to vote for the Republicans.' -- Leif Utne
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