The Changing Face of Sports Writing

| August 24, 2001

The Changing Face of Sports Writing, Glenn Stout, SportsJones
A generation ago, few female bylines graced the sports pages of major newspapers. Though their numbers have increased, the female voice has done little to improve media coverage of female sports and athletes. 'But from where I sit reading every day, it seems to me that female subjects are rarely given the same attentiveness--or space--that male subjects are, whether the writer is male or female,' Glenn Stout writes in SportsJones. 'As a subject, female athletes, teams and sports are still marginalized.' Nonetheless, Stout, who edits the Best American Sports Writing book series, argues that more female sports writers eventually will herald better media coverage of female athletics. 'Whatever changes take place in sports,' Stout concludes, 'I am confident that it is the writers who will first lead us there.'
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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Let us accept the fact that everything will evolve including the face of sports writing. I'm used to be a provider back in the days but then it somehow gets to its evolution process. I gotta upgrade with my writings too to keep me on the track.

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