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The Cheney Daily,website review by Leif Utne
This satirical weblog, the brainchild of humorist Patrick Misterovich, gives you a daily peek at what goes on (or what might, at least) in the grey matter of the most powerful man in the free world. Some recent Cheney Daily entries:
? 07-18 - You may have heard about my electric bill. I know what you are thinking. How can the bill be so high? What about conservation? Can't you do anything to lower those bills? Starting today, I am having my staff put those little 'Turn out the lights when you leave' stickers on all the light switches.
? 07-21 - Great, now they are comparing me to Hillary Clinton. Who next, Alger Hiss?
? 07-25 - Some people think I am no longer the puppetmaster. But not Jimmy Carter.
? 08-08 - I may not be much of a painter but if fly fishing is an art, I am Picasso.
--Leif Utne
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