The Essence of Sneaky Marketing

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The Essence of Sneaky Marketing, Rob Walker, Slate
In a recent edition of his Moneybox column Slate's resident ad critic Rob Walker uncovers the latest in stealth marketing: Bribing fans with free tickets to get them to spam message boards and chat rooms about their favorite musician, Lucinda Williams. 'On July 20 [Williams' record label Lost Highway] posted a message with the subject heading, 'Win Lucinda Williams Tickets!'' Walker recounts. 'The contest's steps were explained. First, start at least 10 'conversations' in various online forums?newsgroups, mailing lists, message boards, etc.; send links as proof to the team's leader. Also, forward a link to a Lucinda Williams e-card to someone who is not already on the Lost Highway 'team' (blind cc-ing the team leader for full credit, of course). Winners are chosen at random from among those who complete these tasks.'
--Leif Utne
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