The Ethics of Eating

| July 31, 2002

The Ethics of Eating, Rich Heffern, National Catholic Reporter
The way we produce food not only affects the earth and the quality of what we eat, it also affects our souls. According to Rich Heffern in National Catholic Reporter, harmful farming methods such as the use of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs,) pesticides and more recently genetic modification have without a doubt been the cause of bland, nutritionless food. But consumers and producers may not realize how such methods have desensitized them to the spiritual aspects of the food they grow and eat. Says Heffern: 'If our food has lacked flavor, that may be because it was treated as dead even while it was being grown. And perhaps we have tolerated such food--and the way its production has affected our society and environment--because our senses, our hearts and our minds have been in some sense deadened, too.' According to the writer, the state of our food will improve only when we rediscover the reverence for life that we have lost.
--Julie Madsen
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