The FBI Pays a Visit to Prague

The FBI Pays a Visit to Prague

Environmentalists and global justice activists are already
making protest preparations for the International Monetary Fund
meeting this September in Prague, but they aren’t alone. The FBI
just came to town, and they are keeping a close watch on things,
says Prague-based writer Ezekial Ford in

‘Once upon a time the FBI investigated leftists at home, and the
CIA subverted them abroad,’ Ford writes. That all changed in the
1960s and ’70s, as the CIA came home to investigate domestic
‘threats’ like anti-war protesters and Black Panthers. And in
recent years, the FBI has been going abroad. The Prague office is
the newest addition to the Bureau’s network of more than 40
off-shore sites.

While the stated purpose of the Prague bureau is to fight organized
crime, the Central and Eastern European Review reports that
one of the ‘main topics of discussion during’ FBI Director Louis
Freeh’s recent visit with the Czech Interior Minister ‘was the
upcoming joint IMF/World Bank annual meeting in Prague in

Ford quips, ‘Something tells me that those Albanian heroin rings
aren’t going to be out in full force next September 26th during the
protests. No, the FBI is colluding with the Czech police to gather
information on citizens exercising their constitutional rights.’
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