The Geek Purity Test

| June 4, 2003

Growing up in a Minneapolis suburb where ?hockey hair? reigned supreme and school administrators dubbed my graduating class ?The Brew Crew,? I was oft reminded of my painful ?Total Geek? status. The Geek Test, on the web at, not only confirms my old classmates? cruelest prophecies, it also serves as a tool of empowerment, providing a scientific metric and a little objectivity for my tender geek persona. Whereas ?Total Geek? translated to ?Social Pariah? in 1992 popularity points, it barely cracks the 30th percentile in the grand scheme of all things geek. With detailed questions regarding one?s fan fiction and computer manual consumption and rankings from ?Geek Poser? to ?Dysfunctional Geek,? The Geek Test puts everything in the proper perspective. Take this geek ?purity test? and watch your confidence soar, just in time for that upcoming class reunion.
?Erin Ferdinand

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