The Gender Quotient Test

| November / December 2005

We all have both feminine and masculine traits. Some of us are mostly balanced, and some of us tip to one side or the other. Where do you fit? We asked author and spiritual thinker David Deida to develop a quiz to test your 'gender genius.' Take the test quickly, without thinking about it. Scoring -- always optional -- is at the end.

1. I am . . .
A. happy to relate warmly and humorously with my male and female colleagues while simultaneously focusing on project deadlines.
B. hard-pressed to understand why people can't leave me alone when it's clear that I need to attend to pressing business.

2. I feel . . .
A. natural and comfortable in motion and emotion, both calm and chaotic.
B. uneasy when people change plans at the last minute; schedules and routines are the most efficient way I know to accomplish my goals.

3. I can and do . . .
A. enjoy extreme intensity in many dimensions, including sexually, intellectually, and socially.
B. contain any overexuberance. Strong emotions have their place, but I usually prefer peace and harmony to wild abandon.

4. I don't . . .
A. ignore my love of life for the sake of accomplishing a project or meeting the bottom line.
B. lose track of my commitments. I am very trustworthy, since I do what I say I will without changing my mind or getting distracted.

5. I consider myself . . .
A. a practiced artist of the earth's elements, sensual skills, and beautiful adornment.
B. a practical and effective person; I tend to concern myself more with function than form.