The Great Debate: Bush vs. Bush

| May 19, 2003

It?s common knowledge that politicians often say things on the campaign trail that in no way reflect what they will say and do once they are elected. But never has the contradictions been so pointed as what was detailed in the ?Bush vs. Bush? video on a recent episode of Comedy Central?s hit The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The show?s crack investigative team compiled network TV footage of pre-election and post-election Bush speeches in order to stage a side-by-side debate between the then-Texas governor and the president. The result would be hilarious if it weren?t so frightening. When Stewart asks about rebuilding Iraq, President Bush responded, ?We will tear down the apparatus of terror and help to build a new Iraq that?s prosperous and free.? Governor Bush, however, disagreed: ?I don?t think our troops are to be used for what?s called nation building.? In the days after the video first aired, the weblogs were abuzz, passing the link around with abandon. See the link below to check out the discussion on the group blog MetaFilter.
?Nick Garafola

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