The Invisible Condom: A New Gel to Protect Against STDS

| November 15, 2000

The Invisible Condom: A New Gel to Protect Against STDS, Josie Glausiusz, Discover
Canadian scientist Michel Bergeron hopes that his latest project will save lives. He's developed a gel that kills STDs such as HIV. Though his gel doesn't protect against pregnancy, Bergeron thinks that the product he terms the 'invisible condom' could help women protect themselves from venereal diseases. Josie Glausiusz writes in Discover magazine that one of the best features of the gel is the low cost of the ingredients. The microbe-killing agent called sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical relative of a compound found in coconut oil. It is commonly used in shampoo. Bergeron tells Glausiusz, 'Every fifteen seconds, there's a new case of HIV throughout the world. So if it [the gel] works, it will save millions of lives every year. If we're successful in this, that would be for me the dream of my life'
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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