The Museum of Menstruation

| June 21, 2002

The Museum of Menstruation, Web site review by Julie Madsen
The politics of douching, the first tampons distributed in America, turn-of-the-century product ads, early hygiene methods, and the public's ever-evolving opinions about that subject of many euphemisms--the menstrual period. You'll find all of it at the Museum of Menstruation, which aims to educate and even celebrate what women have been expected to conceal and even deny about their biological cycles. The museum's artifacts range from the laughable to the shocking, and say much about society's expectations of women throughout the centuries. You can also read from a forum of women's own thoughts about menstruation, such as whether or not they would stop it if they could and how they feel about pressures to 'be discreet' about that time of the month.
--Julie Madsen
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