The New EPA: Protecting Polluters

The New EPA: Protecting Polluters, James
To citizens anxious about increasing levels of pollution, the
Environmental Protection Agency was created to provide a little
peace of mind. But, as James Pew reports in, the agency is not catching all
violators of the Clean Air Act, and is itself breaking the law by
not following its own guidelines. ‘The EPA is doing a terrible job
in controlling emissions. It has missed every single deadline in
recent memory for controlling toxic air pollution. As a result,
almost half of the industries that emit major amounts of toxic air
pollution are still not regulated,’ Pew writes. The author also
contests EPA head Christine Todd Whitman’s misleading of the public
with her insistence that the EPA is meeting deadlines, as well as
the questionable ties of the EPA’s air program director, Jeffrey
Holmstead, who until taking his post had been a lawyer for
companies that Pew lists as ‘pro-pollution lobby groups.’
–Julie Madsen
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