The No-Fly List, by Dave Lindorff, In These Times

| December 9, 2002

Ever since the post-September 11th tightening of airportsecurity, activists around the United States have been singledout by the Transportation Security Administration for extrasearches and stops before boarding planes, reports Dave Lindorffin In These Times. Members of the Green Party, Peace Action, andthe Center for Constitutional Rights are among those who havebeen detained by soldiers, questioned by Secret Service agents,and searched routinely before flying, some told they were 'on alist' of people to be kept off planes. Many of them pacifists, itcan be difficult to call these activists 'threats to aviation.'But what they do have in common, Lindorff writes, 'is oppositionto the Bush administration's war policies and its attack on civilliberties.' Yet what may be worse than this harassment is thatthe purported list of names is not held tightly in nationalsecurity files; it is actually available to corporations rangingfrom airlines and banks to car-rental companies and casinos.
--Erica Sagrans

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