The Nth Position

| July 30, 2003

Strangeness, politics, and poetry -- the ezine, -- darkly intellectual expression from the left featuring fiction, reviews, interviews, and more than a few bizarre moments of eccentricity. The nth position, name chosen because all the 'deeply meaningful names were taken' is an independent -- or, 'impoverished' as they put it -- web site that is dedicated to 'a strong preference for good, interesting writing.' Thus, writing that is political, somber, intelligent and deals with pressing issues. While most of the site is politically oriented, such as Gwendolyn Albert's poem, 'Ari Fleischer the President's spokesman says all Americans need to watch what they say,' the site also features some interesting and unusual, non-political viewpoints such as an interview with Paul Davies, a physicist, who discusses 'wormholes, time travel and the dawn of civilization.' The site's creators have received praise for a free book downloadable from the site, 100 Poets Against the War, released in January. For activists, leftists, and intellectual artists alike, the nth position is a rewarding resource.
-- Joel Stonington

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