The Pajama Party That Failed

| July 31, 2002

The Pajama Party That Failed, Shannon James, Independent Women's Forum
The popular description of Oxygen at its onset was 'refreshing,' with its creators' mission to 'create a new network that will focus on women and treat us like the busy, smart, and complex people we are.' But Shannon James in Independent Women's Forum says that the all-women's network fell way off that mark, and instead hosts 'public affairs programming (that) condescends to women' and the usual talk shows whose main topics are fashion and romance. All of this would be doubly insulting if women were actually watching the network. 'In fact,' says James, 'No one is.' The network's Nielsen ratings are dismal, and James says that 'though Oxygen persists in its attempt to create a pink ghetto for the 'sisterhood,' it's to women's credit that they're not moving in. It appears that 'underserved' women are breathing just fine on their own.'
--Julie Madsen
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