The Power of Silent Witness

| April 29, 2002

The Power of Silent Witness,The Scotsman
Women in Black, a group of women spanning the globe from the Middle East to Europe, is gaining the attention of citizens and national governments alike with its peaceful, silent war protests. Their regular vigils, conducted with the women dressed head-to-toe in black, has even landed them a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize and elicited a nervous commentary from Slobodan Milosevic. The Scotsman reports that recently a faction of Women in Black were shot at during their gathering on the West Bank in Israel, an incident that has 'commanded an international audience to ask who these women are and why they do this.' Most of the women have had little interest in taking part in public protests, but are attracted to the group for its nonconfrontative, yet powerful, approach. The women, though silent, get much attention from passersby--one observer of the group is quoted as saying: 'It takes a lot to stop you in your tracks. This did.'
--Julie Madsen
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