The Real Energy Solution

| May 23, 2001

The Real Energy Solution

Last week, George Bush stopped by St. Paul, Minnesota, to reveal his compassionate conservative energy plan. And though he said all the right things about energy-efficient, low-emission technologies, Bush's vision cuts funding for alternative fuels and opens a hole for drilling, mining, and fusioning that dwarfs the gap in the Ozone layer.

At, Jim Hightower breaks down Bush's plan into 'The Four Faux Fixes: the Bailout, the Unchain Us, the Build more, and the Buy the Grid,' calling them convoluted, shortsighted, and intrinsically flawed. The solution, writes Hightower, is a 120-year-old idea first proposed by Thomas Edison: a 'system that relied on small, localized generators controlled by the users of electricity' as opposed to the 'centralized, conglomerated, Rube Goldberg grid.'

Beyond the distribution question, Hightower notes that renewable resources such as wind, solar, hydrogen, and methane are extremely viable, though hardly tapped, sources.
-Al Paulson
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