There's a Better Way to Say Hello

| August 11, 2003

Instead of ending Middle East exploitation and supporting the ingenuity of Arab communities, the Bush administration is publishing HI, an Arabic-language magazine steeped in cultural imperialism. While it may be true that jazz musician Norah Jones, Arabic poetry, and wedding planning (all featured in the first issue of HI) are all part of this American life, this Bush-style journalism serves to undermine Arab ideas -- while misrepresenting American thought itself. Andrew Buncombe's review of this latest project of the Bush propaganda machine can be read on, one of many articles posted that alerts citizens to under-reported stories of importance. To read underground views on topics ranging from sex to globalization, or post your ideas for HI Volume 2, check out, the web site with the mantra 'if you can't change the media, be the media.'
-- Candace Crockett

Go there>> Bush Launches Magazine to Teach Young Arabs to Love America

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