The Rest of the Story from Falluja

Civilian suffering marks latest US action in Iraq

| November 18, 2004

A glance at the assault on Falluja through the American media lens paints a gritty but ultimately noble picture -- a fight for democracy. This angle is conspicuously absent from independent and international coverage of the endeavor, however. For instance, at the weblog, the authors argue that, after this latest urban assault, U.S. efforts to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people may fall on deaf (or dead) ears. Why? Well, because at the moment, it seems dogs are the only well-fed natives of the city; and, in an effort to prevent 'propaganda' regarding civilian casualties from the assault, coalition forces have closed Falluja's hospital, putting the injured and dying out into the street to join the injured and dying. What's more, argues author Naomi Klein, even if Democracy is on its way in Iraq, it may be coming at too high a price.

Finally, to learn about the history behind the rubble in this beleaguered river city, check out Falluja 101.

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