The Y2K Neighborhood

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A Briefing

Begin with a sweltering Monday afternoon on August 31, 1998. The date is noteworthy only because this story orbits the calendar, giving each moment a stature it wouldn't otherwise have.

Hope Findley is briefing the City Council on efforts to prepare Spokane for possible trouble from the year 2000 computer problem. Findley is Mayor John Talbott's assistant, and this is the mayor's regular council briefing prior to the evening session.

'We're approaching community awareness as though something will happen come January 1, 2000,' says Findley. 'There will be some disruption. We just don't know what it will be.'

Talbott echoes her remarks: 'We want to be sure people can react calmly.'

When the mayor and his assistant ask for comments from council members, only Roberta Greene speaks. She urges Findley and Talbott not to scare people. The council promptly turns to other business.