They Might Be Giants Mink Car

They Might Be Giants: Mink Car, James
Norton, Flak Magazine
In the mid-’80s, a geeky pair of Brooklyn Johns (Linnell and
Flansburgh) burst onto the fledgling indie rock scene and
established themselves as the kings of quirkiness. The music of
They Might Be Giants was an idiosyncratic mix of melodic fragments
and stuttering machine rhythms, peppered with lyrical witticisms of
ironic philosophy. Oh yeah, their songs had a definite sense of
humor. James Norton, writing for Flak Magazine, takes
a look at the duo’s new release, Mink Car, and finds it both
satisfying and lacking at the same time. Mink Car is a
‘can’t miss’ for fans because ‘everything’s listenable, and a
number of tracks are standouts,’ Norton writes, but he notes that
the disc ‘lacks something critical: a unified direction.’
–Al Paulson
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