This Vote's for You!

Free beer and other refreshing ideas to improve this year's election and revive American democracy

| March / April 2004

You don't have to be a dark cynic or a die-hard Marxist anymore to feel that something is tragically wrong with our political system. A near majority of citizens seem to agree, as witnessed by their conspicuous absence from polling places on election day. If present trends continue, voting will soon take its place next to baking bread and writing letters longhand as an activity that most Americans admire but rarely participate in.

With this year shaping up as the most decisive election in seven decades -- a pivotal moment offering us the choice between two very different paths into the future -- you would think that people's interest in politics would be almost electric. By autumn that may be true. I hope so. But right now, with literally thousands of key congressional and state campaigns facing us, as well the presidential contest, the mood of the electorate still seems weary and disillusioned.