This is Gulf War II

| March 26, 2003

In the week since America?s new war on Iraq officially began, Al Jazeera has aired hours of disturbing footage depicting the horrific realities of battle. While the Pentagon would rather you not see these images, many of them have already begun circulating around the Web. Russ Kick has compiled a gallery of them on his web site pictures of dead Iraqi children and soldiers, and US POWs. We are not running this for its entertainment value. These terrible images make one thing abundantly clear: war is not about glory; it is about violence and death. And if you?ve harbored any doubt that this war could foment more anti-American sentiment across the Arab world, these images?which have been broadcast widely throughout the region in recent days?should unfortunately lay your doubts to rest.
?Leif Utne

Go there>> (WARNING: Some of these images are very disturbing.)