Toby Radloff: A Real American Nerd

| February 28, 2003

Toby Radloff is a self-proclaimed Genuine Nerd with a simple life goal: ?to retire a government employee and act part time for extra money.? With his most recent film, American Splendor, winning the Grand Prize in the dramatic category at Sundance, this gainfully employed VA hospital worker will be coming soon to a theater near you. Film Threat?s Eric Campos interviews Radloff, whose Genuine Nerd persona led to a series of appearances on MTV in the mid-eighties and starring roles in such cult classics as Townies, Killer Nerd, and Bride of Killer Nerd. Can a Hollywood-caliber film career be far behind? If appearing as himself in American Splendor doesn?t put him on Tinseltown?s radar, his role as a carnival freak in the upcoming B-Film horror flick, Aberration Boulevard, directed by VA hospital coworker Wayne Alan, certainly should.
-Erin Ferdinand

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