To Differ is Divine

| January 3, 2003

Have Jews lost the flare for argument that has been passed down through the generations? asks Hilary Abramson of the Pacific News Service. The fear of being labled a self-hating Jew has cut off most intra-cultural debate about Jews settling on the West Bank or incursions by the Israeli army on Palestinian territory. And should an argument arise, dissenters are quickly silenced with arguments of self-defense in the face of Arab anti-semitism and suicide bombers.

The opportunity for debate is ripe, Abramson writes, but anyone with any constructive criticism for the Jewish state had better speak up now, before the situation escalates and the fate of the Middle East is sealed.  “Most of us learned to argue at our grandparents’ table,” she writes. “It’s time for Jews to return to Grandma’s table, figure out how to be together, and speak out publicly for peace before it’s too late.”

--Nick Garafola

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