Travelers' Tales

| September/October 2001

You’re planning a long-awaited trip and decide to cruise through the travel section of your local bookstore for some inspiration. But what you mostly find in the guidebooks is numbing recitation of details: "Take exit 106 and travel 13.5 miles south on Hwy 212." Whatever happened to the vagabond soul?

Look no farther than Travelers’ Tales, a dashing series of anthologies that evoke the tastes, the moods, the wrong turns, and the laughs of life on the road. The books cover both specific destinations (Greece, the U.S. Southwest, Thailand) and themes (food, spiritual exploration, women travelers) with carefully chosen selections from both literary masters and intrepid reporters. Pack them in your luggage for insightful background on the places you visit, or stack them next to your armchair for adventurous reading.