Unreasonable Women Continue Hunger Strike Against Dow Chemical

| August 19, 2002

Unreasonable Women Continue Hunger Strike Against Dow Chemical, from various sources
After a month of fasting, Diane Wilson has created a groundswell of activists who want to force Dow Chemical to accept responsibility for the toxic disaster in Bhopal, India. 'On Aug. 6, Day 21 of her strike, Diane's body is weaker; yet her determination is stronger than ever,' writes Jodie Evans in an Alternet update. More than 500 people have joined in Wilson's strike, reports Evans, a member of a group called Unreasonable Women for the Earth. The strike will continue until August 27; meanwhile, the Worldwide Hunger Relay Strike Web site offers resources for campaigners and other ways you can help.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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The Dow of Corporate Irresponsibility, by Jodie Evans, Alternet

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