U.S. Plans Guantanamo Bay Death Camp

| May 2003

The U.S. plans to build a death camp in Guantanamo, complete with its own death row and execution chamber. According to a May 26 report in Australia?s Herald Sun, prisoners would be tried and executed at the death camp, without the benefit of a jury or the right of appeal. Major-General Geoffrey Miller?head of the Joint Task Force (JTF) in charge of international terrorist suspects?revealed the plan during a May 24 interview with reporter David Rennie of Britain?s Daily Telegraph. ?We have laid out a very extensive plan, should long-term detention and imprisonment be given to JTF Guantanamo,? General Miller said.

Although the death camp is ?seen as logical by the US,? according to the Herald Sun, international human rights activists are infuriated. ?This camp was created to execute people,? said Jonathan Turley, an American law professor who has led civil rights protests against Guantanamo Bay military tribunals. ?The administration has no interest in long-term prison sentences for people it regards as hard-core terrorists.?

?The U.S. is kicking and screaming against any pressure to conform with British or any other kind of international justice,? said British activist Stephen Jakobi of Fair Trials abroad.

The U.S. has been widely criticized for breaching the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war since establishing the camp in 2001 to hold alleged terrorists from Afghanistan. Currently, the base houses over 680 terror suspects from 43 countries.

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