U.S. Troops Vandalize Mesopotamian Treasure

U.S. troops have reportedly vandalized several historic sites in
the Sumarian city of Ur, in southern Iraq, and military officials
have cordoned off the city.

Relief workers and ?a concerned U.S. officer? allege that
American troops spray-painted ?patriotic? graffiti on the walls
within the ancient ciy and stole several 6,000 year-old bricks from
archaeological sites, reports The Observer. The Pentagon
has not issued an official response to the allegations, but the
U.S. military command has since deemed the city off-limits, with
all violations punishable in military court.

The religious seat of Mesopotamia around 4,000 BC, Ur is
believed to be the birthplace of the prophet Abraham. The city is
also the birthplace of the first mathematical system, the wheel,
and Gilamesh, the first poetic epic. Most recently, it has become
the next-door neighbor to a sprawling American airfield and
military base.

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Troops ?vandalise? ancient city of Ur

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