Utne Independent Press Awards Nominees -- 2006

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UPDATE: Visit the nominees and winners of the  2009 Utne Independent Press Awards .

Every year since 1989, Utne Reader’s staff members have stared down the thousands of independent magazines, journals, alt weeklies, and zines that pack the shelves of our library, determined to come up with a definitive list of the year’s best. It’s never an easy task, and we must admit that the wealth of candidates from 2006 nearly brought us to our knees. Prowling their pages, we whooped with delight, reevaluated our beliefs, and discovered the stories, voices, and viewpoints missing from the mainstream. We argued, discussed, critiqued, and extolled. And, incrementally, we narrowed the field down to 107 inspiring titles. Without any one of them, the media landscape would be one light less bright -- evidence of the beauty and necessity of an independent press. Winners will be announced in our January/February issue.
-- The Editors

General Excellence: Magazines

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
The Ecologist
Mental Floss
The Nation
The Walrus
The Wilson Quarterly

General Excellence: Newsletters

Connection to the Americas
The Hightower Lowdown
In Balance
New Urban News
The Public Eye
The Washington Spectator

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