Utne Weeder

A Few of our Favorite Books, Music & More

| January / February 2003


IRISHSean-Nos Nua by Sinead O’Connor (Vanguard). Out of the spotlight lately, O’Connor re-emerges as a Celtic siren, interpreting Irish classics in a lush style that bypasses drippy sentimentalism for something much deeper. —Keith Goetzman

ROOTSOf MyNativeLand by Clothesline Revival (Paleo Music). With an eclectic and mesmerizing blend of soundscapes—electronica, acoustic country, downhome vocals, and samplings of 1930s and ’40s field recordings from Alan Lomax and Moe Asch—recording artists Conrad Praetzel and Tom Armstrong offer up a fresh and soulful version of Americana. —Karen Olson

VOCALFlight: Rhiannon’s Interactive Guide to Vocal Improvisation (Sounds True). Rhiannon, a founding member of the a cappella ensembles

Voicestra and Alive!, guides you through 136 minutes of intimate exercises—everything from Qigong warm-ups and breathwork to jazzy scat-singing—all to help you discover the Bobby McFerrin and the Ella Fitzgerald inside you. —Eric Utne

POPHome Away by Will Kimbrough (Waxy Silver). Borrowing a bit from stompy blues, hook-laden power pop, and scrubby country-rock, Kimbrough comes off as a self-deprecating but spirited songwriter. This spill-it-all solo debut—“my Double Fantasy,” he has called it—marks him as a man to watch, and listen to. —K.G.