Was George Bush Disciplined by the Guard?

| February 2004

According to Kevin Drum, who writes the CalPundit weblog, Bush was grounded and suspended in August of 1972 after blowing off drills and failing to show up for his annual physical in July. He was transferred to the Air Reserve Forces, or ARF, as a disciplinary measure. 'The ARF is a 'paper unit' based in Denver that requires no drills and no attendance,' reports Drum, who learned about the workings of the ARF from retired Air National Guard pilot Bob Rogers. 'For active guard members it is disciplinary because ARF members can theoretically be called up for active duty in the regular military, although this obviously never happened to George Bush.'

Bush never returned to active duty after May, 1972, as his Form 712 Master Personnel Record from the Texas Air National Guard shows. Drum continues: 'Bush may indeed have 'fulfilled his obligation' as he says, but only because he had essentially been relieved of any further obligation after his transfer to ARF. It's pretty clear that no one in the Texas Air National Guard had much interest in pursuing anything more serious in the way of disciplinary action.'
-- Jacob Wheeler

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