Ways to Improve Monopoly

| October 18, 2001

Ways to Improve Monopoly, Erik Arneson, Boardgames on About.com
Erik Arneson, our guide to Boardgames on About.com, argues that Monopoly is great fun -- the key is to play by the rules, the real rules. 'No, I don't mean that we cheat,' Arneson writes. 'Just that we don't use some of the game's most important rules. In fact, most of us probably don't even realize we're doing it.' Like most who have played games of Monopoly that have dragged on for hours, Arneson figures that by using Property Auctions, Loans, and Free Parking without prize money, the game becomes more competitive and finishes more quickly. If you're still not convinced that this will liven up the game, Arneson has created a host of new rules to titillate you.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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