Weapons of Mass Distraction: Where? Find? Plant?

| May 9, 2003

Stockpiles of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons have yet to be found in Iraq?a fact that is not lost on jilted leaders of U.N. charter nations, after the Bush administration used ?weapons of mass destruction? as its rallying cry to force its preemptive strike on Iraq. ?The media have raised the possibility that the U.S. might ?plant? weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that this may be another reason to keep U.N. inspectors out,? write David MacMichael and Ray McGovern for the Guerrilla News Network.

The authors are members of a group called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, which has been conducting an informal colloquium on the issue. They note that the U.S. government has a long history of planting ?evidence? to sway public opinion, documenting precedents dating back to 1954, when a cache of Soviet weapons was ?found? in Nicaragua. Many of these examples, they note, ?bear an uncanny resemblance to factors and circumstances in play today.?
?Anne Geske

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A weapons inspection team from an organization called Rooting Out Evil is touring the United States to inspect the chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons produced and concealed by the Bush regime.

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