Who Says Protest Music is Dead?

| March 28, 2003

Despite the size of the current anti-war movement, new protest music is nowhere near as prevalent as it was in the Vietnam War era, when mainstream radio stations played many songs critical of the government. This apparent lack of new peace anthems has more to do with consolidation in the radio business than with any lack of creativity or anti-war sentiment on the part of performing artists. Despite the stranglehold companies like ClearChannel (which owns over 1200 stations across the U.S.) have on the nation?s radio playlists, musicians are singing out against the war. You just won?t hear their music on the air. But you can find them online. The Centre for Political Song, in Glasgow, Scotland, has compiled an impressive list of new anti-war tunes that spans the globe from Australia to the U.S., and genres from hip-hop to country. Follow the links to the latest offerings from the likes of Chuck D, REM, Paul Weller, Michael Franti, Chumbawamba, George Michael, Country Bumpkin and the Hogs, and Yusuf Islam (a.k.a. Cat Stevens) who has just remade ?Peace Train.? You may just find something to download and play at your next peace rally.
?Leif Utne

Go there>>http://polsong.gcal.ac.uk

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