Why College Costs So Much

| January 25, 2001

Why College Costs So Much, Jay Wrolstad, Ithaca Times
Ever wonder how Ivy league schools could ask students to pay morre's no end in sight for rising college tuitions. Writing in the Ithaca Times, Wrolstad deconstructs the bizarre economics of college costs, which have risen at 2.5 percent per year more than inflation. In their endless quest for the highest national rankings, selective schools compete for the best and brightest students by constantly increasing spending on the best information technology, living arrangements, and dining and athletic facilities. And that doesn't even touch upon all the bureaucracy inside the college. Most schools have to take into account the needs and desires of trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and, increasingly, students. Unfortunately, it's usually the students who get stuck with the bill.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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