World Wildlife Fund Leaders Vow to Conserve Arctic

| September 24, 2001

World Wildlife Fund Leaders Vow to Conserve Arctic, Gayatri Iyer, Earth Times News Service
The international World Wildlife Fund agreed last week to unite in an effort to combat the damage and prevent further deterioration of Arctic eco-regions. For the Earth Times News Service, Gayatri Iyer reports that the WWF CEOs representing eight countries, including Canada, the U.S., and Russia emphasized four targets. 'By 2010, with the cooperation of northern residents the WWF plans to complete a network of protected areas that will include marine, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats,' Iyer writes. 'They plan to conserve and restore wildlife in the region, by the same year. They also plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in industrial countries. Finally by 2007, they plan to eliminate or reduce the levels of 30 of the most hazardous industrial chemicals and pesticides found in the Arctic.'
-- Sara V. Buckwitz
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