Would Guinness by Any Other Name...

Expand your vocabulary—match the new brand with the company’s former name

| May/June 2001

Every week, it seems, another perfectly comprehensible company name is retired in favor of a sleek, unpronounceable label designed to instill envy in the hearts of rival marketing departments. See if you can match these four new brands with their former company names.


  • Consignia
  • Diageo
  • Innogy
  • Thales
  • Guinness/Grand Met
  • Britain's National Power
  • Thomson-CSF
  • Britain's Post Office
Consignia = Britain's Post Office;
Diageo = Guinness/Grand Met;
Innogy = Britain's National Power;
Thales = Thomson-CSF.

Source: The Economist (Jan. 11, 2001).

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