Wrong Turn

| March 25, 2002

Wrong Turn, G.R. Anderson Jr., Minneapolis-St. Paul City Pages
'Just plead guilty, give 'em your money, and get on with your life,' a Department of Motor Vehicles worker suggests to City Pages writer G.R. Anderson Jr. after his driver's license is revoked for a drunk driving charge. But Anderson can't get on with his life: It is his first DWI, and his first night in jail. The experience leaves him ashamed and devastated. As he navigates through the DWI system, however, his feelings change from one of reflection to one of vindication. 'I'm supposed to be learning my lesson about the dangers of driving drunk,' he says. 'But I'm too busy taking a crash course on outsmarting the cops.' After hiring a lawyer, Anderson decides to contest the charge in court. Six months and thousands of dollars later, his DWI charge is decreased to two misdemeanors, one year probation, a fine, and a DWI education class. His triumph over the system doesn't leave him unremorseful, though. Anderson vows to never get behind the wheel even if he's 'had a whiff of alcohol.'
--Kate Garsombke
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