Y2K and Us: Facing the Challenge

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'A clear, concise, and non-threatening overview of the need for community action and how to launch that action.'

--Mick Winter, Chairman Napa Valley Citizens for Year 2000

Y2K & US: Facing the Challenge is a 15 minute briefing video - rich in best practice and grassroots lessons learned. This user-friendly outreach tool is crafted to help elected officials, emergency managers and employers; non-profit, foundation and civic leaders; teachers, faith communities, and families.

Local civic leaders and national experts on community economic development, healthcare, and local government share their experiences and insights in a balanced and powerful call to action. Our peers invite us all to tap our creative juices and lead the charge for community preparedness now, while we have a robust infrastructure and intact supply chains.

We are all in this together. It is time to increase our own inner preparedness, appreciate our 'simple abundance' and expand our circles of influence. With a healthy, shared vision of success and informed collaborative action, we will cope and recover, not just individually, but as the richly diverse and caring communities we help shape.

Y2K & US includes the following steps:

  • Intro to Y2K - how 2 digits create risks
  • Reality Check - a sober assessment
  • Understanding - to educate helps to motivate
  • Pulling Together - respect shared interests
  • Reaching Out - gain leverage by working together
  • Staying Focused - the critical path to success

Those who listen openly will quickly grasp the vital components for success, and see the value of community spirit and timeliness. Y2K & US helps establish a common frame of reference for small group dialogue and a climate for positive action.