Y2K Back Cover

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'The best security you have is a prepared neighbor.'
--Paloma O'Riley, Cofounder, The Cassandra Project

'This is a time for each of us to take responsibility not only for the people who live close to us...but for those vulnerable people and countries who so often go unseen and neglected. In this highly interdependent world we have created, their problems are, in fact, our problems.'
--Charles R. Halpern, President, The Nathan Cummings Foundation

'...The greatest antidote to worry, whether you're getting ready for spaceflight or facing a problem of daily life, is preparation ...the more you try to envision what might happen and what your best response and options are, the more you are able to allay your fears about the future.'
--Senator John Glenn

'The Y2K bug provides us with an extraordinary opportunity to ask ourselves the profound questions which have been buried by our wealth and our technology. It is a time for us to ask what we really value and how we can preserve the ecological systems on which all life depends. It is a wonderful time to be alive.'
--Robert Theobald, economist and futurist

'If life is a process of discovering who we are, Y2K is when we find out.'
--Tom Atlee, President, Co-Intelligence Institute