American Housing: Building with Culture in Mind

By Fernando Pagés Ruiz, from Shelterforce

Adaptable floor plans aim to expand the American housing market and please the growing demographic of multi-cultural homebuyers.

I Am a Federal Prisoner

By Jesse Marchus

How to pass the time inside a federal prison.

Will Racism Ever End, Will I Ever Stop Being a Nigger?

Kevin Powell on being Black in post-Obama America.

The City as a Commons

By Jay Walljasper

Urban commons projects are cropping up around the world to restore citizens' sense of ownership in their neighborhoods.


Kids' Questions on a Lockdown Planet

By Frida Berrigan

Thinking the parentally unthinkable.

Drownproofing for a Knowledge Economy

By Peter J. Stokes

The original — and very literal — drownproofing course at Georgia Tech is no longer required, but a different kind of drownproofing is necessary for graduates to do well in a knowledge economy.

Auxiliary Languages: An International Type of Guy

By Joseph Skibell, from My Father’s Guitar

Is an international auxiliary language enough to truly bring people together?

Building Utopia: The Role of Money in Communes

By Margaret Grundstein

One incident from Margaret Grundstein’s time living in a hippie commune illustrates the deep-seated role money plays in life—even in a movement aiming for utopia.