Self-Segregation on College Campuses

By Rupert W. Nacoste

College students from different backgrounds tend to self-segregate into separate racial environments. One professor attempts to help his students examine and cross this type of interpersonal behavior.

What America's Most Walkable Suburb Can Teach Towns Everywhere

By Jay Walljasper

Arlington, Virginia shows how feet on the street helps a community thrive.

Walking Across America: The Forgotten Feats of Edward Payson Weston

By Jim Reisler

Edward Payson Weston, professional pedestrian and celebrity in his time, left Manhattan on his seventieth birthday to walk across America.

Urban Renewal

By Oggy Bleacher, from his blog “The Man in the Van”

An excerpt from the March issue of Utne Digital


The Benefits of Being Home Grown

By Ben Hewitt, excerpted from his book Home Grown

Parenting off the beaten path and unschooling to keep kids connected with nature.

The New Farmers

By Lauren Markham, from Orion

Meet the new farmers of American agriculture.

The Portals to Conscious Elderhood

By Ron Pevny, excerpted from Conscious Living, Conscious Aging

Understanding life transitions and the importance of rites of passage.

Fade to White: Asian American Assimilation

By Eugene Yi, from KoreAm

As a “model minority,” Asian Americans have noticed they’re on the fast track to assimilation, which prompts some to ask: Are they becoming white?