By Anwar F. Accawi, from The Sun

Finding solace in the simplest of things.

Birding Attracts Young Enthusiasts

By Julia Zarankin, from Maisonneuve

Why a new generation is flocking to the old hobby of birding.

Encouraging Dinner Conversation

By Anne K. Fishel

Psychology professor and mother Anne K. Fishel offers suggestions on how to overcome dinner conversation challenges with your kids.

Becoming 'Indigenous': German Fascination with North American Indians

By Laura R. Graham and H. Glenn Penny

Examining why German hobbyists study and even try to emulate North American Indians through scholarly essays.


Student Achievement and the American Education System

By Susan Engel

As schools continue to measure student achievement by measuring marketable skills for monetary success, they have let some activities that lead to healthful child development fall to the wayside.

Devastated Families: Life Without Incarcerated Parents

By Maya Schenwar

How the family of an incarcerated parent had to endure stigma from friends and the community and plunged deeper into financial despair.

Utne Reader Bookshelf: Community

A selection of books that pique our interest.

Carbon-Free Commute in the Sky: Can London Finally be Safe for Cyclists?

by Lindsey Kennedy

The concept of a bicycle-only expressway sounds like a cyclist’s futuristic daydream, but a team in London hopes to make a real-life network of elevated bike paths in a city notorious for dangerous cycling conditions.