Oil Boom in the Ecuadorian Jungle

By Paul M. Barrett

How Texaco’s gamble to find oil reserves in the Ecuadorian jungle set the stage for a fierce battle in the courts of Manhattan and downfall of a social activist lawyer.

Righting Wrongs Without Retaliation

By Soli Salgado

When given the option, victims overwhelmingly prefer to receive compensation than to punish their transgressor.

American Students Think Native Americans Are All Dead

By Soli Salgado

U.S. schools teach Native Americans as history, failing to acknowledge their modern presence while clouding the genocidal past.

The Satori Generation

By Roland Kelts, from Adbusters

A new breed of young people have outdone the tricksters of advertising.


Targeting Children With Corporate Branding in Schools

By Rachel Cloues, from Rethinking Schools

Scrutinizing the motives behind Target’s Library Makeover Program.

Witch Camps of Ghana

By Francis Npong with additional reporting by Emily Rems, from Bust

When Ghanaian women draw the ire of men, they risk ending up in a witch camp.

Street Harassment in Jordan

By Elizabeth Whitman, from The Nation

As Jordanian women leave the home and enter public life, sexual harassment has reached unprecedented levels of social acceptability.

Crook and Ladder: Colbert On Firefighting Felons

By Soli Salgado

California’s booming prison population has provided the state with cheap labor—a convenience that may dissipate with a new court order.